Shaping new realities

The Stockholm forum on Gender Equality

Conference reports

The Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality has hosted many exciting seminars. You will find the reports and summaries below.

Countering the shrinking space for women human rights defenders

Tackling global gender inequality through development cooperation and feminist policies

SRHR What’s law got to do with it?

Cities for girls: guidelines for feminist urban development

Double discrimination – double possibility – the reality for adolescent girls

Achieving equality in unpaid care: how to engage men as equitable, non-violent care-givers

Embrace complexity: the role of religion and religious actors in development work for gender equality

Mind the GAP: How is the EU really doing when it comes to gender mainstreaming?

A feminist approach to justice, human rights and participation in peace and security

Strategies for cross-sectoral action: gender-responsive mitigation

The global trade union movement against sexual harassment and gender-based violence

Funding women’s rights and feminist movements

Women, business and the law – 2018 report and dataset

Shaping an inclusive trade policy

Religious legislation and norms: friend or foe in the work for women’s rights?

Working with men and boys for gender justice: how do we generate change?

Whose security? Gender and global, regional, national and individual security

Gender-based violence online: from experiences to strategies

Women’s and girls participation in peace and politics

What is required to make security a reality for women and girls everywhere?

Women’s economic empowerment (WEE) through trade, entrepreneurship and technology

How do we enhance the voice of women in the world of work – what role for social dialogue?

Applying feminist approaches in humanitarian response

She decides – and the world gets smarter, stronger and safer

Gender equality policy as a means for economic development

Gender-based violence and how we counter it