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The Stockholm forum on Gender Equality


The Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality will mobilise civil society, governments, private sector and academia from all over the world to intensify efforts for a gender equal world.

The forum will be held in a spirit of co-creation and use the strength and momentum of the UN Global Goals. Gender equality cuts through all the Goals and is essential to ensure sustainable development, peace and security. The overall purpose of the conference is to intensify efforts for a gender equal future – the only way we can ensure sustainable peace, security and development.

We will cover critical issues and seek common solutions, around women’s and girl’s human rights, representation and access to resources. Participants will exchange experiences, methods and strengthen dialogue in order to take concrete steps moving the agenda forward. Sweden will share experiences from the feminist perspective in our foreign policy during recent years.

The forum is motivated by a sense of urgency. It is held at a time when we are witnessing both progress and movements restricting women’s and girls’ rights and space. This makes it more pressing than ever to share and multiply breakthroughs that make a difference for individuals and societies alike.

For too long, the work for gender equality has been characterized by silos – by looking at one sector and question at a time. The Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality mobilizes globally to achieve the Global goals, Agenda 2030, and will focus on critical issues related to women’s and girls’ human rights, representation and access to resources.


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Why has the Swedish Government initiated the Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality?

The conference is motivated by a sense of urgency. We live in a time when we see progress but also movements that counteract the rights of women and girls. We must intensify the efforts for gender equality globally. Gender equality is a prerequisite for development, peace and security. For peace to be lasting, women need to participate in peace processes, and reports show how the economy benefits and job rates increase when women gain access to the labour market. Everyone pays the price when we do not take advantage of the potential of half the world’s population.

With increased efforts, and by identifying concrete tools that make a difference for gender equality and for increased rights, representation and resources for all women and girls, we can contribute to the 2030 Agenda and the Global Goals.

Gender equality is a goal in itself, but it is also a way to reach other goals, such as sustainable peace, security and development. Sweden contributes to the Global Goals in many ways. One of them is by leading a feminist foreign policy, which means that the foreign affairs service adds an equality perspective in everything it does.

The Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality will cover issues such as peace and security, entrepreneurship, sexual and reproductive health and rights, climate and finance.

Who can participate?

Approximately 500 key people from around the world are invited to the conference. They come from governments, international organisations, civil society organisations, business and academia. We want to ensure a broad range of thematic areas, and a wide representation from countries and regions as well as from different society groups, in order to discuss experiences and methods from different perspectives. Those invited work for change and can use their platforms and networks to strengthen gender equality and advance the equality agenda internationally.


What do you hope to achieve by organising this conference?

The forum will be a unique meeting place with participants from all over the world and from different parts of society. For too long, the work for gender equality has been characterised by silos where different sectors focus on their own challenges. By sharing experiences, taking new initiatives and establishing cross-border cooperation, the aim is to achieve a strengthened, broadened and more intense work for gender equality globally.

The new and deepened commitments, partnerships and sharing of knowledge and working methods will last long after the end of the conference itself. Discussions, commitments and initiatives will be documented so that more people can take part of them and be inspired. By working with partners such as UN Women the aim is to reach more actors and to further advance the global gender equality agenda.

Results from the conference will also support countries with new tools in their efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Who organises the conference?

The Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality was initiated by the Swedish Government. It is organised by the Swedish Institute (SI) and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA).

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