Shaping new realities

The Stockholm forum on Gender Equality


Margot Wallström
Minister for Foreign Affairs

“Sweden is a strong voice in the world. This is down to our long-term and global engagement. Our high level of credibility in international contexts is built on a well thought-out foreign policy on issues such as common security, human rights, democracy, aid and development. This is something we should benefit from and develop further.”


Isabella Lövin
Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate, and Deputy Prime Minister

“When we empower women and girls we empower nations and eradicate poverty. It starts with giving every woman and girl the right over her own body.”


Ann Linde
Minister for EU Affairs and Trade

“Gender equality contributes to growth in all countries, regardless of the level of development. This has to guide all economic policy-making.”


Annika Rembe
Director-General, Swedish Institute

“We see great successes but also movements that want to limit women’s and girls’ rights and space. We need to gather forces, share experiences and spread breakthroughs that make a difference for both individuals and societies alike.”